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Headache? The worst. I think it’s fair to say that they’re pretty unpredictable and once it hits nothing else gets handled at 100%. Plus, is it just me or do pain relievers rarely do the trick? It’s a frustrating experience with no easy solution… but there is something you can do to prevent and lessen the pain! Work out. 

“Work out?! This headache makes me feel barely well enough to sit up, let alone engage in physical activity!” Well, no, I’m not suggesting you address your next migraine with the Pilates 100. I’m suggesting that maintaining a regular workout schedule will reduce the likelihood of those everyday headaches coming on in the first place!

Let me name some key factors that generate head pain: back and neck strain, dehydration, poor circulation, too much caffeine… too little caffeine… and the less than thoughtful diet choices. Now I’ll name some key elements gained with a routine *Pilates practice: increased core strength (which stabilizes neck and back), emphasis on alignment (perfecting your posture), increased blood circulation…. and obviously working out is going to make you want to drink lots of water (hydrating) and eat healthier (thoughtful dieting). *I mention Pilates specifically over other types of exercise as the primary emphases of the method hit directly in line with what will tailor headaches.

Bottom line: working out regularly, whether it be Pilates, yoga, running, or weights, increases endorphines which increases your energy levels and happy factor. 

I say all this to be taken seriously, though thoughtfully. As with anything else, moderation is key. If you are working out TOO much, this could be the root of your headaches. Listen to your body; it will tell you when you’re on the cusp of overdoing it. …But do not fear! Get moving, feel fabulous, and let the only thing contributing to your headaches be your Starbucks’ addiction. 😉

Topic of interest: Do you have any favorite exercise to help relieve headaches while they’re happening?

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