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With the extra 10 minutes of getting ready time to “winter-ize” an outfit and the forecast barely inching north of 40 (if we’re lucky!), I think we can officially call ourselves in the midst of WINTER. To be honest, I don’t necessarily mind the chilly days –  there is something eternally charming about snuggling up in your PJs with a fire roaring and a classic rom-com. But how often do we actually have the option to stay inside when things like work and errands are pulling us out the door?

What irks me most about the frightfully freezing season are the newscasts, blogs, and social media feeds that drive home the fear of what most have previously stated as “winter myths.” The tales that bother me most? The hat is the most important piece of your winter ensemble. Truth: heat does escape from your head. Greater truth: Heat escapes from any part of your body that is not properly insulated. Take care to keep covered, but don’t fret if you leave your hat hanging on the coat rack! Of course, keep in mind that being outside is much more pleasant with toasty ears… so perhaps remember to take it along tomorrow. 🙂 Arctic weather conditions present hazards for taking exercise outdoors. Winter is definitely not the season to test drive the off-season-sale purchase of your new Lucy shorts and tank. But if you properly clothe yourself for the harsher conditions, you should be fine hitting the pavement for those days you’re not in the studio. Hat highly recommended. The warmer, more layered the outfit, the lesser your chances of catching a cold or flu. Protecting your body from the cold is truly one aspect of keeping healthy, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. The larger piece is protecting yourself from, I hate to say, the millions of germs that exist all over the place. Prevent illness by wiping down or avoiding direct contact with oft-handled surfaces (like door handles) and always keep sanitizer on hand (pun intended).

The key to a successful winter is staying protected from the elements, both from environmental factors and human interaction. So stay warm, stay healthy, and if you’re at a loss for a cozy place to keep warm (and maybe even break a sweat) come see me at the studio!


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