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Today I’m thinking about what inspires us to keep up the lifestyles we’ve chosen. If you’re reading this, I can only assume you share in the value of a healthy outlook; recognizing the importance of a well-rounded diet, physical activity, and the mind body balance. But what is it that moves us to revolve our lives around such ideals? Or if not revolve, at least consider on a regular basis? It’s definitely not the easy way out – sometimes it seems that it would easier to just sit on the couch instead of heading to the studio, order Chinese food for dinner rather than throwing tofu and my gluten-free pasta on the stove. Sometimes, I am totally behind these easy decisions – working so hard most of the time warrants moments of pure deliciousness, right?

So WHY do we do what we do? Are the contributing factors internal or external? For ourselves or others? What we believe or what we overhear? It has to be a combination of all of the above, right? At least that’s what I believe. I’ve chosen to make mind body fitness an integral part of my own life because of A) it makes me feel so good B) I get to help others feel that good. Perhaps if you’re not involved already, it’s tough to get in the groove but once you’ve been working out for a bit, eating healthy for a bit, it’s just what you get accustomed to and depend upon!

What prompted this whole thought was a discussion with a friend who recently made some major lifestyle changes. She went from strongly disliking any of the following: healthy food, eh; working out, eh; outdoors; eh. Now all of a sudden she has discovered running and has completely thrown herself into the groove. No more soda, no more fast food. Up early every morning to get the run in. Who is this person! But it makes me happy, and inspires me, and I like to think what I do has perhaps helped one or several or a lot of people discover a type of fitness that motivates them the same way that running does for my friend.

On that note, figure out what you love that will motivate you and (literally or figuratively) run with it!

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