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We get questions sometimes about why our Introductory Packages include a set of 3 one-on-one private sessions – and why we do we recommend it as the first step? So, I thought I’d take a moment to cover a few key reasons that’ll help you figure out if Private sessions are for you!
Here are some common reasons expressed from our clients:

1. To become better acquainted with the Pilates Method before joining a group class (aka I don’t want to look like an idiot, and that I don’t know what I’m doing).

EMPS Pilates Teacher Kevin Earll with client on ReformerOften people want to join a group reformer class, and we still recommend the ideal of beginning with privates. In those sessions, you are oriented at your own pace, learning the equipment, and how to position yourself for certain exercises.

Although it may appear straightforward, there are safety aspects regarding the use of the equipment for you, the teacher and the other students around you that we also explain to our beginners. It’s important that everyone who comes into a group reformer class (max of 4 people only) do so with a strong Foundation. If not – that can impact the pace of the class, where we want to keep a good flow.

You are using this time to get accustomed to the Pilates language and expectations – this helps you establish understanding of the teacher’s cues while you are also learning the fundamentals.
We get to know you too! Because it’s one-on-one, we get to know your goals, health history, what changes you want to make and how we can help support you with our undivided attention.

You’ll get greater benefit from group instruction if you can get oriented
and established during your one-on-one time.

2. I have just finished physical therapy and want to continue strengthening my body and core with a non-impact form of exercise.

EMPS Pilates Teacher Sabine Gisiger with client on ReformerWe often get people who have finished physical therapy and are cleared for exercise, and they have decided to, or been recommended to do Pilates. Pilates is a gentle, not impact form of exercise, but don’t mistake that to mean it isn’t full body conditioning!

Pilates as a method and system is attentive to form and posture. In principle, it matches well with the aims of physical therapy outcomes. The results you’re typically looking for is a return to strength, range of motion and support for your daily activities. In some cases, this might also mean support for sports performance or specific athletic ability.

If desired, with your permission, we can correspond with your medical professional about aspects of your prior injury and what regimen was followed so that we can tailor the program, and at the same time be cohesive with the approach.

We always want to know about prior conditions or surgeries anyway because they are part of your health history, so special conditions are ideally handled one-on-one. Other circumstances and conditions that we typically address through Private sessions include pre-natal, post-natal, Osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s amongst a few others.

3. I have no experience with Pilates. I have heard a lot about how it might help me, and I am looking for specific guidance for my needs.

Whatever your situation – whether you have some chronic low-back pain; or you’re trying to improve your balance; or you simply want to “change up” your routine, we Pilates teachers are here to meet you at whatever level you come in with.

EMPS Pilates Teacher and Studio Owner Sarah de Guia with client on Half-Trapeze TowerYou as the client, get 100% of the teacher’s attention! I personally love the one-on-one setting. We can have more of a dialog as we move. You have the chance to ask questions. You can point out where you are having difficulty moving. You can express any frustrations you might have had in trying to address those issues on your own before you tried coming to the Pilates Studio.

In this setting, I can find out far more quickly than if you were in a group where you move well, and where you feel restrictions. And after spending some time next to you, I can help you make more informed decisions about your exercise.

As mentioned from question 1 above, we work closely with you on the verbal, visual and touch cues. We know you’ve come because you don’t want to do “the same old thing.” You’re looking for a change in what you’ve been doing. In one-on-one, we get to know who you are, and we provide support and encouragement by customizing and adapting our teaching to the goals you’re aspiring to.

If you have a specific ache or pain you’re trying to address, we as teachers can provide you with a homework program that is within our scope of practice.

A few of my clients have said they “love their Pilates one-on-one lessons because it’s like getting a massage, only better. Because you can feel it from the inside out.”

If you enjoy a dedicated appointment with yourself centered on focused self-care – then Pilates private sessions are for you!

Let us help you begin your path to change, in the Pilates Studio!

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