When new clients get started, one of the questions I often hear is, “how did my posture get like this?”  My typical response is “we make ourselves everyday.”  I know, I know, hold your eye-roll.  But think about it.  Everything you do every single day is a making process. Maybe you think I’m referring to just the physical aspect of the body, and that’s definitely part of it.  Self-care for your body in fitness is one of the steps in that making process, for certain. In this multiple-part series, we’ll go through aspects of self-care.  Here we’ll begin with, well surprise – Pilates!  I had a chance to sit down with teacher Becky Lenski to ask what she likes to do for her routine.

Q:                           How often do you do Pilates for yourself?

Becky:                    I do Pilates or some other type of Pilates Movement about five to six times per week. So I do stay active in my practice. I practice what I preach.

Q:                          What is one thing you’d like to share about being a Pilates Teacher that might probably surprise someone to know?

Becky:                 One thing I think maybe people don’t realize is how much time we spend outside of the studio preparing for our classes, preparing for our private clients. We don’t just come to the studio and just make up what we want to do, we do realize who’s going to be in our class, what kind of bodies what kind of issues you have, but we also spend time, we’re always learning. I always kind of joke that we sit there and watch an exercise video while we’re eating lunch or dinner. It helps us, you know, learn different perspectives, different variations on exercises. We’re constantly reading books, magazines, blogs, just anything to keep our education current and just keep up, so that we can give the best workouts to our clients.

Q:                          What kind of movement practice do you typically do?

Becky:                  Well, my typical, maybe my favorite Pilates exercises are the standing side splits and side legs in straps. I think I have a theme. I like unilateral work! I like to work one leg at a time just to see my imbalances. I like it too because I feel like it is the entire body. Yes, it’s side splits, but your abs are working or the outer thighs, the inner thighs are working. Upper back posture is working. Side splits are probably one of my favorite exercises which my clients might realize that because I make them do it as well. I also, any tricep exercises. So chest expansion, tricep pulls on the reformer, kneeling. I do like to the back of the arm because I feel like it doesn’t get worked as much as a front of the arms. So even in my classes I do like to work a lot of triceps.

Q:                           Is there anything you do that’s not Pilates?

Becky:                  I do. TRX (a type of suspension training) is a big part of my movement practice and I do like TRX so much because it has a lot of the principles. You’re all core all the time. Pilates exercises, you can take them onto the TRX. You just have a little bit of assistance pressing into the straps. I add TRX maybe three times a week in addition to Pilates.

Q:                           Do you take a whole hour to workout?

Becky:                  Another thing, something people probably don’t realize, as Pilates instructors – our time that we teach is our time that we’re free. So we don’t have a lot of other extra time to do, to go to a class to spend an entire hour having another instructor teach us. So a lot of my practice is a self-practice. If I can get to a class that’s awesome.  I try to fit that in, but it doesn’t always happen because we’re teaching. That’s our free time. I typically, I would say probably like 45 minutes or so. I do have a reformer at home and so sometimes I can just jump on and do my favorite exercises for a few minutes here and then later in the day when I have some free time, I’ll come back and do some other exercises.

Q:                           Squeezing it in as still counts?

Becky:                  Yes, squeezing it in still counts! So you don’t have to do a full hour. Sometimes it’s hard to get away for a full hour family, kids, whatever, cooking a dinner, you’ve got to make time for all those other things. But I do think putting that time to yourself, finding some time to work on your body, your health is important. If I don’t do something, if I don’t put that time for Pilates or whatever exercise I’m doing, I do kind of feel like something’s off with me. It’s, an important part of my life to exercise and stay active. So it’s just something that becomes a habit. You know, you, you build it in, you put the time that you have into it and you have to stay consistent with it and then it becomes part of your life. Just like brushing your teeth every day.

Stay tuned for more from this self care series. In the meantime, see you soon, in the studio!


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