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What do you think your Pilates Teacher has on hand in their bag?  I thought we’d have a little fun and I would share what I’m totin’ around in my bag today!

1. Water – I absolutely love my oversize water bottle.  This one’s made by Boba and I think it’s 1 full liter so it lasts me quite a bit before needing a refill. It has an easy pop-top semi-wide opening which is easier for cleaning – I’m just not a fan of the straw or sippy style myself. It features a very secure locking mechanism to protect it from accidentally popping open (oh yes, I have had my bag inadvertently flooded by many a previous bottle!). And, the handy flexible carrying handle allows me to grab it with just a hook of my finger if my hands are full schlepping other small workout equipment, notebooks or other great stuff.

2. Books. Yep – ones with actual pages! Every day is different, but there are times when I want to have my reference tools with me, and this particular day, I was planning on doing a review of MELT Method moves with a couple of my clients. The book has some great routines already outlined specific for runners, or pregnancy and such. I wanted to work on some fine-tuning, so I slipped that into the bag before running out.

3. Hair doo-dads. I’ve been sporting a longer cut the last several years, so I’ve always got extra clips and elastics floating around in my bag. Can’t demo a good “Elephant” with hair hanging all in your face!

4.  On-the-go nourishment #1-caffeine. I adore starting my morning with a hot cup of green tea. I have a collection of green teas, so I try to always have a sachet in my bag so that I can brew it up once I get to the studio. I’m sure you can relate to that morning cup:  Sip-sip….wakey-wakey brain….aaaaahhh.

5.  On-the-go-nourishment #2-snacks. It can sometimes be a long stretch of time between meals, and so I need to have something simple, quick and easy that is relatively healthy, and doesn’t create a lot of mess. I have a few go-to products I like that fit in this category, and one of them is the granola mini’s from Made Good. They’re gluten free and I can just pop them!  Unlike some bars, they’re not so sticky that you end up with little bits of micro goo on your hands, or too chewy you find yourself prying your molars apart to keep chewing to get the rest of it done.

6.  More tea. Maybe you’re wondering, if I’ve already had my green tea, why would I want more tea?  Okay, so here’s a little secret – contrary to what you might imagine, Pilates Teachers do not work out all day every day alongside their clients. We’re busy standing to deliver teaching, which means we are constantly talking. When teaching, I’m doing a lot with my voice together with modeling a movement pattern – I am varying pitch, expression, and volume, depending on if it’s one-on-one or a large group.  I might be speaking for back-to-back hours without much of a break.  So the major endurance workout here is not on my full body – but on a set of muscles I rely on the most – my vocal cords. Hot tea helps soothe my throat, and I especially like the Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea. I recommend it too if you’re fighting a bit of post-nasal drip from a light cold or those darn allergies!

7.  Toe sox (with sticky bottom). Is there a Pilates enthusiast out there who do NOT own a pair of sticky socks with individual compartments for each toe?  So, I’m no exception. I’m a big fan of socks with toes and this brand is arguably what put toe socks back in cool factor mode since those crazy rainbow versions (that, unlike these, weren’t really designed so well for anyone’s feet back in the 70s,).  Beyond ‘cool factor’ in the studio, the practical application of toe socks is that it helps ‘train’ and encourage toe separation.  Believe it or not the ability to have that healthy separation in your toes or what is referred to “toe splay” helps you balance, jump with great power, and land with cat-like reflexes. Another brand I love for just everyday wearing in my shoes (no sticky bottoms) is Injinji.

8.  Essential Oils. I like to use a variety of essential oils and have a few personalized mixes. Today I’ve got my rollerball bottle that is a blend of bergamot, spearmint, and lime. All the ones I use, I apply with a very light pass on my skin behind my ears so that the aroma is close, and I switch out the mixes I use depending on my mood. There are so many beneficial properties of each individual oil, those certainly are a factor when I’m working with what oils to use.  I chose this one for today as I wanted something bright and energetic!

Well, there you have it!  The stuff in my bag from my head to my toesox!  What do you keep as an essential in your Pilates bag?
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Embody Movement Pilates Studio - Whats In My Pilates Teacher Bag-June2018

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