We are now just a couple days away from the day, t-day, that can only be: Thanksgiving. It is known for invoking both joy and anxiety, and I’m not just talking about visiting with extended family 😉 . For those of us who typically keep a lighter, health oriented lifestyle, those emotions can revolve entirely around all that food

With second (and third, maybe fourth?) helpings encouraged, the fear can strike quickly. Will my year of working out/eating healthy all be for nothing? Will I gain weight that force me into sweat pants for the remainder of the holiday season? Briefly, the answer is no and I would now like to re-direct the rest of the blog to focus on “joy” (because I can, since I’m the writer!).

While it’s been said that many people tend to consume more than 3,000 calories during their Thanksgiving meal, it is very possible to steer an alternate course. Make a decision to just “hit delete” on your thoughts of fear and focus on all that is wonderful about the holidays. Here are some ideas of how to do that, in addition to keeping things light. 

  • Turn the focus away from food. While the first thing we all think about with regards to the holiday is the deliciousness at hand, think instead about the people you’re with and the intention of the holiday: all you’re thankful for! This will redirect the emphasis on food, and make you less likely to consume like crazy.
  • Keep the noshing at bay. If you’re partaking in the prep process, it’s easier than you’d think for that calorie count to inch higher and higher. Avoid large “tastes” and focus on the prize. Allow yourself to get hungry for dinner and avoid snacking!
  • Micro-manage your plate. Divide your plate into sections and fill them appropriately. I tend to decide on 3/4 protein & veggies, 1/4 carbs. That’s reasonable enough right? And when reaching for seconds, which is kind of inevitable, go for refilling the protein/veggies section – simply steer clear of the gravy. 
  • Everything in moderation. 
So get out there and enjoy the day. It is a time to focus on all the wonderful in our lives. When you think about it, having a large meal, in itself, is something to be grateful for. Approach it with the above four points in mind, but, if you forget anything, just remember: eat until full and you will feel happy. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at EMPS!

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