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It is that time of year to evaluate the ubiquitous, the notorious, the can’t-escape SUPER BOWL PARTY. Whether you love football, hate football, or are really just pretty indifferent the super bowl party finds it’s way into our social calendars year in and year out. FUN! Yes, I love any excuse to gather with my friends and family (OK, and I do look forward to the commercials…) but I’m always in dread. Why, you ask? Super Bowl Party = Super Bowl Snacks. Super-duper-bad-for-you-but-can’t-resist-snacks. It’s a tough place to be, surrounded by your favorite chips, dips, and miscellaneous yummies… This year, let’s just say no together.

But, but, but! No buts. Let’s practice the following:

  1. Self-control: “I do not need THAT many chips.”
  2. Mindfulness: “I do not need THAT many chips because, in fact, I’m not that hungry.”
  3. Discretion: “Those baby carrots are looking a bit fresher than the Tostitos.”
  4. Awareness: “Just because everyone else is getting up for thirds…”
  5. Determination: “I work too hard in Pilates all week to throw it all away over some dip!”
  6. Thoughtfulness: “You know what, I don’t need to be munching to thoroughly enjoy this time with my friends, family, and awesome commercials!”


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