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Spring cleaning gets us in the mood to switch out wardrobe, open the windows for fresh air, and in some cases get back to some of those longed-for routines.  Weekend grilling, taking the kids to the playground and breaking out the gardening tools.  This season, why not “spring clean” and introduce some new activities into the mix?  Isn’t there something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?

Below are my suggestions for shaking-up the ordinary and setting you on an adventure. Best of all, these activities will bring out the skills from your Pilates workouts since they all involve using your core.

Hula Hooping

summer fun pilates hula hoopingI can honestly say that as a young girl, I actually never tried the hula hoop.  I was recently catching up with a girlfriend who studies ballroom dance.  She is trying to learn a new step, and her dance coach advised practice with a hula hoop so that she could learn the spinal and hip action.  The primary source for keeping the hoop in motion emanates from the center of the body, helping you increase coordination; strengthen your core, while providing stress-relief, and well fun!  For inspiration, check out this woman’s video that shares her progress from the beginning (running time 3:38) – pretty fantastic!  While I can’t be certain I’ll catch the hooping bug, I plan to give it a go.

Stand Up Paddling/Paddle Surfing

Now here’s something I have indeed tried out, just last year while in Hawaii, and I thought it was an awesome way to take in the scenery.  Of course, it’s tough going when you’re paddling against the wind and the waves, so for sure your core WILL be guaranteed a workout.  You’ll tone arms and shoulders too – and maybe get a tan while you’re at it.

Luckily with Lake Michigan nearby, there are plenty of places in Chicago to rent a board and take lessons.  Paddle TV shares these golden rules for beginner paddlers to get started off right (running time 3:04).  I understand some paddlers have even created some board fitness fusion, doing Pilates or Yoga out on the water.  That is most certainly outside of my ordinary routine, and I will definitely have to check it out.

Watch the forecast, grab your adventure buddy and head for the water, I say!


skydving flexible hips and shouldersJumping out of a perfectly good airplane not for you?  Well, you apparently can still have the skydiving experience – indoors!  So no need to book a flight for this, my third and final suggestion on your step out of the routine.  Simply go to your nearest indoor skydiving facility for the thrill of 120mph.  Flexibility in the hips and shoulders is necessary to permit the appropriate torso position for your ‘jump.’  And believe it or not, core strength and balance are significant to managing free-fall, as you face ‘belly-down.’

I have never gone skydiving, but I feel that it’s easier to give into the temptation of trying it out, since iFly Indoor Skydiving will be opening nearby.

If you’ve gone through my list and can say “been there, done that” then get out your bucket list of action items for inspiration.  This Spring add a new talent or skill to your repertoire of activities!

Let us know what’s new the next time we see you in the studio!

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