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I’m feeling inspired by an article I read (and shared) the other day that highlights a college’s path to integrating health education into their students education. It occurred to me what a no brainer of an idea this is, but perhaps such a no brainer that I hadn’t before delved deeper into analyzing it. There is a difference between the traditional PE class and educating in the basics of health and physical fitness. It’s wrong to assume that just because a student is enrolled in a gym class there is a resulting knowledge of how to take care of their health and the role that physical fitness plays in that care. Major props to the noted college, Spelman, of Georgia, for bringing the topic to light! 

“…acknowledging that fitness is not a competition. It is not something you do in order to prepare to compete in sports… and it is not an optional, unimportant elective. Fitness is what you do so you can move your body…”

Perhaps my favorite quote from the article written by Hamilton Nolan on the Jezebel blog. I remember many times in grade school shying away from sports during gym class because of the competitive nature – that is not how it should be! No matter what, kids should be encouraged to move and be educated in the vast many ways they can get in a daily dose of exercise. That brings up a fun piece about Pilates; the competition isn’t obvious, but it exists to no limit by allowing you the opportunity to compete with and push yourself to your personal bests! 

Getting the right type of health and fitness education programs into schools could mean the difference in the health map of America’s future generations. What can we do now to impact that map? This is a topic I would love feedback on! Do you know any special school programs like that of Spelman that are embracing fitness education in such a unique way? What are your ideas for implementing a “moving lifestyle” for today’s kids? Share your thoughts in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!

The full original article is available on Jezebel’s website

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