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Today we’re breaking down the Single Leg Circle!

This exercise can be modified to different fitness levels:  If you are tight in the hips, bend the leg that is on the ground and rest on your foot. If your reaching leg is also tight, soften your knee.   Always listen to your body and give yourself permission to be successful at whatever level you are working in today!

The Single Leg Circle is an exercise that focuses on moving the leg in rotation inside the hip joint.

* Lay on your back, arms long by your side, with your legs extended or slightly bent.  Reach one leg up toward the ceiling as straight as you are able.
* Draw in the waistline, strongly engaging your abdominal muscles.
* Inhale and draw the ceiling leg slightly across the body without lifting the hip. Then exhale as you sweep the leg around tracing a circle above your hips.
* As you circle, stay intent with the breath, and imagine the move initiating deep from the pelvis and hip socket. Allow the pelvis to be heavy as an anchor so that there is little rocking while the leg is in motion.
* Repeat for 5x in one direction, then trace the reverse circle back for 5x.
* Once finished , lengthen that leg down to the floor.
* Repeat with the other leg.

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