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I know, none of us want to even think about the weather that’s peek-a-booing from around the corner of the next couple months. I am still in disbelief that it’s already October! But let’s for a moment consider that which is not all terrible about the impending winter season – ice skating, hot chocolate, the fireplace, my coat that resembles a sleeping bag… (just kidding about that last one). OH! And of course the wonderful winter sports, which is what I’m here today to discuss.

Winter sports, while terrifically fun, can be pretty taxing on the body. If you’ve ever spent a day on the slopes, you may have experienced some aches and pains the next day. Consider the amount of pressure placed on the body during activities like skiing and snowboarding – maintaining your balance while gliding downhill is no easy feat!

This season, why not give Pilates a try for your winter sports prep? In our opinion it’s the perfect option for cross-training. We recommend it firstly for the emphasis on building core strength, an attribute that effects a great deal of that perfect run down the slopes. The core strength that you will develop from your Pilates practice will enhance your sense of balance in addition to a key element of skiing or snowboarding, which is the ability to ground down and lengthen up (relieving quite a bit of pressure from your knees). Not to mention an increase in hip and hamstring flexibility, which may come in handy during a misstep/fall/major whoops down the mountain.

Be in touch for recommendations on the best way for you to get started preparing for this winter’s outdoor fun! We’ll discuss and plan a personalized routine that best fits your body, fitness level, and planned activities – sarah@

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