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Lower Back Pain/Post Surgery-Post Rehab

Research shows that Pilates helps reduce and alleviate lower back pain and can help relieve muscle pain, neck pain, shoulder restrictions and other conditions that interfere with your optimal movement.

Greater core strength and spinal mobility result from incorporating a regular Pilates program. Many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists refer people to Pilates to help decrease chronic pain and/or to improve strength after injuries or surgeries.

Also, for those recovering from back, knee, hip, or other operations, Pilates can aid in the treatment of post-surgical conditions. Because we focus on alignment and increasing range of motion at a comfortable pace, it eases the body away from habits of guarding and over-reliance of compensatory muscles to restore healthy movement patterns.

Our Pilates Instructors guide you through exercises to match your level of skill, and then continually develop challenges to restore and achieve your best self in physical fitness.

You must be cleared by your physician and/or your therapist to participate in Pilates exercise. When necessary, we can regularly communicate with your health care provider so as to partner with their efforts.  This way we can provide consistency, and safe and effective programming to enhance your prospects for recovery and progressing toward improved strength and stability.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can get started with a Pilates program for your Post Rehab needs.

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