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The Super Bowl isn’t just about the fun party and amazing snack table like my post at the time of last year’s Super Bowl would have you believe (that is, unless you don’t really care about football, in which case simply disregard and enjoy the parties and snack tables). Beyond your celebration, the Super Bowl is a great time to recognize athleticism, sportsmanship and all that goes into becoming a top member of a top team. 

It’s widely known that cross-training is a major aspect of the training process for top athletes and often times the methods used are much different than what you might expect. Like, for example, did you know that Pilates is being seen more and more in training for pro football players? It makes perfect sense once you ponder the reasons why; Pilates training enhances mobility, flexibility, stamina and coordination in addition to helping prevent the body from injury in the first place. 

During my research on the topic, I found this absolutely wonderful story about a high school football team integrating Pilates into their training. The mother of an injured player helped her son utilize Pilates to recover and she realized that his newly improved core strength put him a step above teammates when he returned to the field. She proposed a Pilates routine to the coach as a supplement the teams’ current training regimen and, it seems with fair, but little argument, he agreed. After beginning Pilates training, the quarterback of the team later said, “Pilates is a mental game, like football. You have to focus on every little detail; what your legs are doing, where your back should be, how to breathe—all at the same time. It is just like focusing on all the elements that you need to put together to create a successful play on the field. Not only is Pilates physical training; it’s mental training [as well].” Can you believe those are words from a teenager! I love it. 

So consider your Pilates training while watching the big game this weekend. Maybe one day you’ll even catch your favorite player in class on the Reformer next to you! Well, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right? 🙂

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