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Give your body the Life it deserves

Unlike any other system, movement that attends to your joints, deeply works the spine and core. Intensity and efficiency minus the high impact

Are you brand new to Pilates?

Get the most out of your Pilates practice and set yourself up for success!

Choose one of 2 Getting Started Intro Options

Memberships and Packages

All sessions are 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated

Group Classes

Private Sessions

Partner Sessions

Small Group Pilates Classes

Pilates small group classesOur small Group Reformer Classes .

*Pre-requisite to joining a Small Group class, you’ll gain the best orientation by completing one of the Getting Started Private Options. Doing this first  helps you gain familiarity with the way we cue, orients you to the specialized studio equipment, and how to use it for the greatest benefit to support change in your body.

Choose from either Monthly Membership or Drop-In.

Questions?  Call 630.481.6367, or Contact us and the list the days/times you’d love to see added to the Small Group schedule.

Monthly Memberships

*Usage period: 6 weeks

4 sessions: $130

8 sessions: $220

Drop-In Rates

Purchase singles classes or small packages

1 session: $40

3-Pack: $120

Group Reformer Classes

Our Group Reformer classes are listed in the online schedule and have no more than 4 people max. This environment creates a community of camaraderie, and allows for teacher guidance in an intimate group setting so that you receive personal attention.  

Train your body, align your back and neck, and stimulate deep core muscles. Your improvements in these areas along with your balance will build week after week!  The studio equipment utilizes spring tension which offers the ability to challenge the body in resistance, while providing support as you become stronger, better skilled  and more coordinated with the movements.

Private and Duet Sessions

Private Sessions In the Studio

Private 1-on-1 sessions in the studio are tailored to your needs and your specific rehabilitative, sport or fitness goals in a one-on-one setting.

4-Session Package: $300

8-Session Package $580

These sessions are tailored to your needs and your specific rehabilitative, sport or fitness goals. A Private is One Teacher with One Student.  There may be more than one private session occurring in the studio at any given time.

Learn proper breathing, spinal alignment, mental focus, and body control. Sessions can include all Pilates equipment, also referred to as “apparatus”, as well as mat and other props for challenging strength and coordination.

pilates duet sessions

Partner Sessions

“Buddy up” by partnering with a friend or family member to make it a Partner (also called “Duet”) Session and keep yourself motivated!

Single Duet Session (Per Person): $50

4-Session Duet Package (Per Person): $180

Partner with a friend or family member and keep yourself motivated!  Partner sessions (also referred to as Duets) are a great way to share Pilates with a work out “buddy.”  Ideally each person in the Duet will have completed their First Visit Consultation. While you will be working out together, it’s still important for our instructors to establish individualized health history and goals that will be programmed into the session.  By the way, Pilates was created by a man, originally for men – so it’s a great workout for them too!  You get to share your workout time with a friend, with personalized attention, in a cost-effective option.

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