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I’m about to admit to something extremely silly that is, perhaps, unnecessary to reveal but I’m going to anyway. I was in fact thinking of this blog topic prior to watching Wheel of Fortune just now and seeing the puzzle “Breaking a New Year’s Resolution.”  Yes, sometimes I watch Wheel of Fortune. Moving on…

You’d be hard-pressed this week to come across a fitness/health website, blog or social media page that isn’t discussing the topic of new year’s resolutions… and the eventual breaking of those resolutions. I can’t say it hasn’t been on my mind, but it’s also frustrating to see, year in and year out,  such a fuss over being healthy at the beginning of January. A) Should we be putting this much emphasis on health all year? B) If by January 3rd we’re already discussing whether we’ve broken our resolutions… C) Maybe there’s something wrong with the word “resolution.”

Yes, I think that’s it. The word itself is totally daunting. One of the best comments I saw online today was “I made a resolution to no longer make resolutions.” I’m going to extend that thought with: No to resolutions, but YES to changing habits. There’s so much pressure on resolutions, when in reality we all know they’ll be forgotten by Valentine’s Day. What I’ve done to put this thought into action is make a list. A list of less than healthy habits I incorporate into my life regularly that need to be changed – I’ve referenced this list, reflected on steps forward and backward. No pressure of “resolutions” to keep up, nothing to “break.” If you’re like me, feeling like the resolution train isn’t the greatest way to be traveling – give a list a shot! What do you have to lose but a bad habit?

Do you have an alternate to the “New Year’s Resolutions?” Please share!

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