Yes! Please send me the invitation & link for the upcoming Open House Livestream!

Tell us about yourself / your family.
We moved to Naperville when I was 7.  My mom was a teacher in Wheaton and didn’t want to live in the same community that she taught in.  Also, they fell in love with the house that we great up in and that they still live in 31 years later.  My parents are both from the area, Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, and when we moved to Naperville, my aunt also lived there, so we have always stayed close.

Tell us about your first Pilates experience:
I had always been interested in Pilates, and found a groupon for a three pack of private sessions.  I didn’t want to go alone, so my sister and I did duets instead.  Becky was our first regular teacher and we did duets with her until I started studying to become a teacher myself.

Describe EMPS Pilates classes in 3 words.   Challenging, Engaging, Fun

What is your favorite thing to do when you feel stressed?
When I get stressed out I need to do something to distract myself.  This can change depending on my mood.  Usually, I need to move.  Exercise has always been important to me, so I might hop on the reformer for a bit, go for a walk, or get on the elliptical.

What Pilates piece of equipment or exercise is your favorite?
I love the barrel.  It is a fantastic piece of equipment for stretching and opening up the body.  I never seem to utilize it enough for myself and would love to have one at home so I could use it every day.

What would you say to someone who thinks Pilates and Yoga are the same?
Although there are similarities between the two, Pilates is a more dynamic form of exercise where strength, balance, and movement combine to create challenging and interesting routines.  Yoga deals more with static holds, where Pilates favors motion.  Additionally, there is a larger emphasis on the core (abdominal) muscles in Pilates.

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?
This is a challenging question, I have a hard time imagining only one person with me on a deserted island, but if I had to choose, I would say my sister.  Our collective shared history binds us together, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and she’s a fun person to have around.

If you won an amazing prize, and the choice was either take an incredible vacation or get the dollar value in cash — which would you pick?
I would love to say I would take the vacation, however my sensible side would never allow it.  The money could go to so many other things more useful than a vacation.

Describe your use of technology. (phones / tablets / computers).    Are you addicted to it or can you take it or leave it?
I am absolutely addicted, and it is something that I am trying to break myself of.

Favorite thing to cook or bake?
I have two favorite items to make, my Grammy Earll’s molasses cookies and her caramels.

Do you have a “ultimate rewarding moment” as a Pilates teacher that you could tell us about?
I have been lucky enough to have many rewarding moments with clients, and couldn’t pick just one.  Pilates has taught me so much about myself and I love watching my client’s discover the benefits that they can gain from this wonderful activity.

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