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So why am I saying that right this very second is the perfect time to begin your professional career as a passionate Pilates practice-er? Because, like I touched on in my last blog, we’re offering sample classes at the studio! I’m excited to say that due to popular demand I’ve opted to extend the offering of Pilates Reformer Sample Classes through the first week of November (next week!).

So what is entailed in this 30-minute *complimentary* class? You’ll learn some of the principles of the Pilates Method while utilizing a traditional piece of Pilates studio equipment, the Reformer. The low impact resistance of Reformer exercises balance core strength and overall flexibility to achieve a mind/body challenge! We don’t require you to take a private session prior to trying the sample class, but it’s definitely recommended (especially if you have injuries or limitations that require specific modifications). 

Once you’ve given the sample class a shot, you’ll still be eligible to take advantage of our new client introductory package, which is all encompassing of how you should start out as a beginner to Pilates. Back to the sample classes, they’re limited to 3 people so be sure to register as soon as you know whether you’d like to join. Next week’s lineup includes: Monday at 7:30pm and Wednesday at 5:30pm, 6:30pm, & 7:30pm. Shoot me an email or call if you have any questions. 

Topic of interest: Have you tried the Pilates Reformer & what do you think?

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