First of all, I completely acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is a particularly Hallmark holiday. However, despite, I still think it’s a fun day to recognize the people and the things in your life that you love and appreciate. For me, I’ve decided to take the length of this blog to briefly list out why I love the thing to which I devote so many aspects of my life. So, because of Pilates:

  1. I love how I feel in my mind and body. Keeping up with a regular Pilates practice for a person with a busy work/life schedule is something to proud of in itself! But beyond that, Pilates contributes to my mental and physical balance, it is a stress reliever, and a mood elevator. My mind and body are simply happier when I practice.
  2. I love the way my clothes fit. If you’ve experienced the method, you know all the rumors about it are true. Pilates not only tones, enhances flexibility, strength and mobility, it really does make one physically appear longer. Emphasize the length in your movements and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  3. I love the variety of my workouts. There’s no getting bored with this method. From the Reformer, to the Chair, to the Cadillac, to the mat, your options for ways to move are endless. Not to mention the benefits from the differences between a group versus a private class. A good instructor will be creative with their efforts and your mind and body will always feel surprised and awakened. 

With that, hope you had a lovely day filled with the people and things that you love. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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