Yes! Please send me the invitation & link for the upcoming Open House Livestream!

Tell us about yourself / your family.   I am the eldest of 3 first generation children born to Filipino immigrants. The hubby and I met each other after having “broken” in the marriage thing with previous spouses and are happily enjoying our second decade with each other.

How did you find EMPS?     I found the space that became Embody Movement Pilates Studio as a posting on Craigslist in 2007.

Describe the Pilates classes you teach in 3 words!     Full Body Centering and Conditioning

In what situation would you feel out of place?      A fashion show gala

Do you have any hobbies?     I used to make beaded and sterling silver jewelry, but at the moment, my time is spent more on books (mostly more anatomy), movies, sudoku puzzles and having fun solving mysteries in escape rooms.  In the spring and summer we’ll be on for more hiking and trails for sure.

Your favorite type of coffee at starbucks and why?   Decaf Americano with a coconut milk topper. I enjoy the smell and taste of coffee, but am quite sensitive to caffeine; and dairy milk is a big no-no for my tummy.

If you were a character in a movie – who would you be and why?     Hmm. Can’t choose just one.    Hildy Johnson from His Girl Friday – because I’d star opposite Cary Grant, and be a kick butt reporter in a male dominated career (at the time).      Mowgli from The Jungle Book – to let loose my inner curiosity and wild child while communing with nature.   Rey from The Force Awakens – because I’d get to channel my inner Jedi, wield a lightsaber and kick butt.

What differences do you see in your life since you discovered Pilates?    Pilates is a full time occupation (since I opened the studio), so the biggest difference in having shifted from corporate to a career where I get to move my body and embrace other movement practices has been rewarding on so many levels, professionally and personally.  I feel like it not only allows me to stay more active daily, and have greater mindfulness and body awareness; but I have the great pleasure of encouraging and nurturing others in doing so.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like without having found Pilates!

Do you have a guilty pleasure? (something looked upon as a negative habit that you indulge in anyway?)     Chips. Any kind of Chips. That are not spicy hot. They are like kryptonite.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you’ve ever owned?    No one will probably ever see this because it’s a well-loved super duper softer than soft old long-sleeved t-shirt that I bought in Kauai the first time we vacationed there.  It’s been around so long, it’s limited use is for in-home only!

Do you have a “ultimate rewarding moment” as a Pilates teacher that you could tell us about?   Oh gosh, there have been so many rewarding moments since I began teaching Pilates nearly 20 years ago, I’m hard pressed to point to one moment alone. Most of the time, an ultimately rewarding moment for me with a client is in breaking through a previous restriction or area of weakness, like fully getting upper body extension in Swan where the person’s posture did not allow for this when they first walked through our doors.  We have gone past that barrier in terms of flexibility and strength in the physical body. But honestly, when a person conquers that thing that they thought was out of their reach, it’s pure inspiration.

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