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These days we hold a lot of tension in our bodies. I think it’s no surprise that tension commonly hangs out in our shoulders. And as a society, we spend far more time now than before in human history, on our seats, creating a lack of flexibility in the hips.

Everyone who comes for Pilates has some awareness that the method draws attention to our core – our center.  But truly one of the fastest ways to get toward strengthening and toning your core is to first get rid of the excess tension hanging out in your major joints.

You won’t want to miss these Pilates for Life Workshops where we show you just how you can work toward that very thing holding you back from accessing the center!

Check out this preview of select exercises from our upcoming Hips & Thighs workshop on Wed Oct 10 at 6:15pm, and the Shoulders & Neck workshop on Sat Oct 20 at 10:15am!


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