Yes! Please send me the invitation & link for the upcoming Open House Livestream!

It’s hard to believe the holiday season has already come back around and the thought of all festivities ahead can provoke just a smidge of anxiety. There’s the preparations involved for hosting guests, figuring recipes for dinner and potlucks, organizing outfits… oh yea, and all the usual day-to-day stuff like working and getting to the studio! It’s important not to let the craze of the additions to our calendars let us stray from focus, however this is way easier said then done. Personally, when the holiday season kicks in, I like to kick up my time in group classes.

You wouldn’t necessarily think that one might prefer a group to a private session when needing some space to focus, right? On the surface it definitely seems a little backwards, but… While private sessions are the ultimate way to perfect technique and learn the best ways to work your individual body, it’s less likely you’ll be able to switch your brain to quiet mode. The beauty of the group class is that it allows you to turn off a bit. With no direct chatting and an instructor’s attention divided amongst the individuals in class, you have the opportunity to focus on nothing but you and the work you’re doing. Taking this time to listen to your breath and experience movement will help you to re-gain a sense of peace and calm amidst the noise of the holidays. And if a few “what to wear” ponderings slip in there, well, that’s okay too. 🙂

Looking for a group to join online, or want to form a Trio for live-in person at the studio?  Contact Us for details on how to sign-up!

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