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I responded to a tweet today from a woman who spoke of the addition of weights to her Pilates practice making a huge difference. This got me thinking of all the amazing “accessories” that can be called up to enhance your Pilates practice… So I’m going to take this blog to discuss one of my favorites: The foam roller!

There are endless possibilities for utilizing the foam roller. A tool that is fantastic for use at the studio and at home, the foam roller can be used to oomph a position, stretch, and aide modifications for therapeutic purposes. I recently worked with a client who suffers from tight hamstrings (yes, the word “suffered” is an appropriate word choice when tight hamstrings cause limitations and pain!!) and my first recommendation was the purchase of foam roller. Laying on your stomach or your back, placing the foam roller under or over quads (and rolling) is perfect for stretching out the hamstrings.

Use it for strengthening as well! The addition of the foam roller to a Pilates mat practice is terrific to help build balance and core strength. Place under your hands while in plank or doing pushups – you might feel wobbly at first, but just tighten the core and you are sure to catch on. Play with it! Use it to assist in side plank by placing under the hips, roll under the calves for a massage, and place under the lower back while in “fish” pose (yoga shout out) to relieve lower back tension.

Email me or call the studio if you have any specific questions — Have fun rolling it out with the foam roller!


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