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January is here and school is already in session.  Everyone is preparing to move into a new schedule – sometimes it can be quite a balancing act! When it comes to training for balance, you want to make it a key component in your routine.  Good balance helps you with the simple things like walking, or reaching up on your toes for that jar on the top shelf, without falling or hurting yourself.

Core training and balance go hand in hand. Balance training challenges your stability in asymmetric positions or patterns of movement.  How does it happen?    Your brain uses your inner ear, plus visual cues and information coming from your feet and limbs, to constantly analyze and sense where to place your body in relation to gravity.

The common act of walking or running requires balance.  But when you train for balance, you go beyond that and tax the senses a bit, kind of like adding weight when you are strength training.  The body is placed in a position that challenges the ‘common’ system.  At first the nervous system may struggle to sort out the information and may seem overwhelmed with the challenge, but with practice you’ll improve coordination and agility.  With that, a natural side-effect is greater confidence and athletic skill.

Another major plus – make balance training a habit, and you’ll better retain those skills as you age gracefully, and have a built-in mechanism for injury prevention from falls.  Balance is a key component in programming our Pilates classes at the studio. Balance exercises will keep you active and mobile as you age and more confident about avoiding a fall.   If you’d like to talk about how Pilates can help you retain your balance as you age, call us at 630.481.6367.    We’re located in the lower level of the LifeStart Fitness Center, 4225 Naperville Rd., Lower Level, Lisle, IL 60563.  

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