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Isn’t everything better with a good buddy around? It’s especially true for your workouts. Whether you’ve ever worked out with a friend(s), a group or stick to solo workouts, it’s interesting to sit back and consider the wonderful aspects of all the above. Your solo sessions at the studio are amazing for really tuning into your body and working directly with the instructor to work out the best modifications for your body. Then following that up with a group class to practice your learned technique and discover new things about your movement is exactly what you need to enhance those private sessions! So why is the group dynamic such a great one for fitness?

Embody Movement Pilates Group Fitness

Group fitness at Embody Movement Pilates!

I recommend group classes – with old friends or friends made at the studio – to clients for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is an incredible sense of motivation brought about by surrounding yourself with others who hold similar fitness goals. Let’s be honest, working out around others will most likely increase your desire to work harder – whether to keep up with the pack or lead it. And the silly aspects of having a workout buddy are something to treasure… Instructor requesting something particularly grueling on the Reformer? Nothing like turning to a friend on the next machine over for a collective sigh and shared look of “Are you kidding me?” 😉 

Our class schedule is growing and we’re open to suggestions! Gather 2-3 friends and call or email to figure out a weekly day and time that works best for your group’s schedule. 630.481.6367 or sarah@

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