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If only our weathermen/weatherwomen could just be honest and open their segments with, “Step Outside… If you dare!” There’s no denying that A) this heat is absolutely brutal and B) that it highly impedes on our ability to keep energy up as well as make thoughtful decisions. Why am I going to make a salad when the ice cream truck is right out my door… Why do I need to hit the studio if I’m sweating alreadyDo not let the heat bring you down!

First, let’s talk nutrition. SO crucial during weather like this. Whether you’re like me and tend to lose all interest in food during hot-hot-hot times or feel run down and lacking the energy to make healthy choices. Overeating will leave you sluggish, but so will the alternative. Hydration is key – I cannot overestimate the importance of the ever present water bottle! The Huffington Post’s Adam Morganstern recommends fruits and vegetables with a high water-content – apples, watermelon, strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers, celery – as the perfect heat wave snack, and I definitely agree! ….(water break) 

Now, while diet does play a large part in your feeling 100% (or as close as you can get), staying active is equally as important. I know I know, the last thing you want to do is simply move from point A to point B let alone partake in a sweat session, but trust me. Look at it this way: all it takes is hopping from your AC’d home, to the AC’d car, to the AC’d studio. At most you’re enduring about 5 minutes of to/from the car walking heat! As per usual, your trip to the studio for a group or private session will increase strength, flexibility, and endurance; but don’t forget how energized you feel after a workout… And what is your body typically craving/lacking in this weather? ENERGY! 

The most important things of all are to remain safe and healthy in this weather. Consider the above when decision-making your options to leave your body feeling wonderful and fully able to enjoy the summer! (water break) 🙂


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