Why You Can’t Just “Fix” Your Posture

After Physical Therapy, Communicating About Pain During Pilates & Ways To Ease The Discomfort

You should never be in pain during your session – and in Pilates, we don’t encourage you to “work through” or “push through” pain. You might think that “toughing it out” is the way to go. Peek inside a session, and get the tips on how to make the most of the appointment time with your teacher. And, some easy-to-do re-energizing Pilates exercises to offset stress.

Hips and Thighs workshop preview

Hips and Thighs workshop preview

Join us for the next upcoming Pilates for Life Workshops! This video features selected hip and shoulder exercise previews from the classes. Get further with your Pilates practice by taking the simple steps everyday to open up the tight areas of your body so that you can access greater core strength.

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