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As the temperature heats up outside, we’re heating things up in the studio! Summer, we’re ready for you! (PS you’ll recognize some of this if you subscribe to our newsletter. If you haven’t already…. you should subscribe!)

First topic: Do you know the benefits of a Pilates Chair Class? Let me fill you in…

  1. Strength: Did we mention you get strong in this class? Put your abs to the pedal. The chair pedal, that is. This class will help you gain deep core strength and increase all-over body tone.
  2. Intelligent Movement: Engagement is the name of the Pilates game. As in: engage your mind while engaging your body (They call it mind body exercise for a reason!). The movements in the Pilates Chair class are some of the most unique of any class you’ve taken. Be prepare to engage your thoughts!
  3. Unique Balance Training: Recreational & pro athletes are in agreement about the simple fact that balance is an incredibly important aspect to any form of fitness training. The Pilates Chair class will help you strengthen your core, which enhances good balance, while also improving coordination and reducing risk of injury!
Postnatal Postpartum Pilates at Embody Movement Pilates

Topic Two: Our Mom’s Reformer Classes! Attain results with Pilates Postnatal Fitness, a proven method to whip postpartum bodies gently back into shape. Pilates targets the areas most affected by pregnancy: abdomen, hips, lower back, and buttocks). Both new and experienced moms (And by that I mean new/experienced to being a mom and/or Pilates!) will love this class.

Topic Three: Let’s conquer those tight hamstrings! Very excited to announce our next Foam Roller Workshop at Embody Movement PIlates in NapervilleFlexibility Workshop with the Foam Roller on Thursday, June 21st, 12pm – 1pm. This hour will be a terrific opportunity to not only stretch for the present, but to learn how to stretch on your own time in the future! Participation in the class will result in a take-home instructional about the stretches we cover in class. Bring questions about your personal regimen and we’ll provide tips for your specific needs.

Do not hesitate to call or email with specific questions or concerns! You can find details for all of the above on our website. 🙂


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