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About the Studio

We’re a best kept secret:

Embody Movement Pilates Studio in LisleEmbody Movement Pilates Studio is located in the LifeStart Fitness Center in the Central Park of Lisle building complex. We’re convenient to Lisle, Naperville, Wheaton and other Chicago suburbs.

Membership to the club is NOT a pre-requisite to train with our studio. All are welcome!

Embody Movement Pilates is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals through education of body awareness, breath and imagery.  Not only are they well-loved by our client community; our Teachers are highly qualified, each holding multiple certifications in Pilates as well as other mind-body methods.

**We’re available 6 days a week, by appointment only. 

Mon-Thur 7:00am – 8:00pm, Fri 7:00am – 6:30pm, and Sat 8am – 10am.

Come see us for:

  • In person 1-on-1 Private Training
  • Online 1-on-1 Private Training 
  • Partner (also referred to as Duet) Sessions
  • Semi-Private Pilates Group Reformer and Equipment classes
  • Monthly group programs and wellness workshops online and in person.

    We take a balanced approach, focused on quality of movement so that your body feels the work as an efficient, holistic system. A system that you can easily transfer into sports and daily activities.

Come on in for the work, and leave feeling invigorated after each session!

Your Teachers


Sarah de Guia

Sarah, Studio Owner & Instructor, has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Her passion for health and fitness started with group exercise, and later lead her to become a certified Pilates Instructor in 2004.


She has trained with the PhysicalMind Institute, Balanced Body, Stott Pilates as well as other recognized organizations in the industry. Sarah is a member of IDEA and has been an ACE-certified fitness professional since 1994. Faithful pursuit of continuing education through these organizations as well as other programs endorsed by the industry’s Pilates Method Alliance keeps her well rounded in the latest developments.

As a Certified Level One Franklin Method Teacher since 2010, she infuses education on anatomy with movement into her lessons. The Franklin Method combines scientific and anatomical analysis with movement, integrating imagery exercises that make it effective and fun. It can be used for specific performance enhancement as well as a tool to improve overall fitness and body awareness.

Sarah traveled to New York City to study with Sue Hitzmann and completed her training as a MELT Instructor, further growing her experience with the MELT Hand & Foot treatments.  The MELT Method® (MELT) is a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain.  This unique method, creator Sue Hitzman calls Hands-off Bodywork™ empowers people to help themselves restore whole-body efficiency and lead healthier, more active lives.

Continuing to expand her knowledge, she attended podiatrist, Dr. Emily Splichal’s programs at the EBFA on exploring how to prep the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot to core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.  Sarah has completed the Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1 & 2 Certifications.

“I feel like we have gotten away from actually ‘living’ in our bodies day to day. I have a passion for engaging my clients in body awareness, teaching them techniques to improve posture and maintain good back health. And, whether fit or just getting back into fitness, the Pilates method is excellent to increase overall strength and flexibility. Dedicate some time to moving mindfully in session, then you can integrate that into your daily living.”

– Sarah de Guia

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Becky Lenski

Becky was first introduced to the Pilates Reformer after the birth of her first child in 2005 and has been hooked on it ever since!  Amazed & impressed by the results in her own body, she become a Pilates instructor so that she could share the many benefits of Pilates with others.


In 2009, she became certified in Mat Pilates through both the PhysicalMind Institute and through Power Pilates. In 2010, with a desire to further her Pilates education she became certified in equipment through the PhysicalMind Institute.  She has also been a member of the Pilates Method Alliance since 2009. Having worked with a range of clients including Pre & Postnatal moms, those recovering from injury and/or surgery as well as the intense athlete, Becky passionately believes there is a place for Pilates in everyone’s life. Regardless of your shape, size, age or athletic ability Becky would love to introduce you to Pilates or further your Pilates practice and help you reach your fitness goals. To complement her Pilates Practice Becky is also certified in both TRX suspension training and Barre fitness. Becky was captivated with TRX the first time she tried it because of it’s similar Pilates principles of core stability , strength, flexibility, and balance. When not at the studio, Becky enjoys spending time with her two boys.

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Kevin Earll

Having been a gymnast and All American swimmer at Naperville North High School, Pilates reawakened Kevin’s love of physical activity and has allowed him to stay active while fulfilling a passion to help others improve their health. He was profoundly affected in his own practice by the results  within his own physical body, and more importantly calm that was missing before.


He holds Pilates Mat and Equipment Certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute and has been teaching group and private Pilates since 2012.  Kevin’s clients vary in age and fitness levels: Triathletes and ultra-marathon runners, teenagers, pre and postnatal mothers, as well as more mature clients.  He is skilled in adapting to specific client needs, injecting humor and fun, to create a relaxed, yet engaging learning environment.  Beyond Pilates, he has completed workshops for gait analysis and movement and studied as a Personal Trainer. Kevin shares his love of Pilates and movement with his clients to help them become stronger, more body aware, and flexible, to ensure they remain happy and healthy at all stages of their lives.

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Denise H

I have always had a swayed back, so this has helped me to keep my stomach in and keep my posture better…When I do it, I feel 100 times better.  I’ve gotten a lot stronger in my core muscles, as well as in a lot of muscles I didn’t know I had.


I had no idea when I started how badly my posture had deteriorated. The instructor gave me keys to focus on which almost immediately helped improve the situation. She was extremely patient at helping me understand the Pilates Fundamentals.


I am amazed how Pilates has made a difference in my body. I’ve seen greatly increased strength and no longer feel stress in my lower back and hips. I didn’t expect it, but I also dropped two pant sizes in 8 sessions.


My reason to start Pilates classes was a recommendation from my Physical Therapist. I had taken some mat classes at a local health club or tried DVDS tapes but didn’t feel that I was performing the  movements correctly.

Since I didn’t want to re injure myself after completing my PT treatment, my therapist suggested that I try classes at the Embody Movement Pilates Studio.  My private classes instructed by Sarah or Kevin have been extremely beneficial.  They have provided me with the education necessary for me to learn the basics and grow within my strength.“The Pilates method has improved my postural awareness, balance and my use of abdominal muscles to perform each movement with improved ease. The MELT method has helped to relieve body stresses and improve my connections of balance.  Each method has served a positive experience beyond the mat and I am incorporating  these fundamentals within my lifestyle.”


This was my first experience with Pilates. What surprised me, is was not about pushing the limits. It was more about body-sculpting and discovering about how much my body can achieve just through conscious movement. It was really eye-opening!


I had read a lot about Pilates and a friend recommended me to Sarah. I was particularly interested in Pilates as I knew my core was weak and causing lower back pain issues. I wanted the one-on-one sessions to help identify my main weaknesses and have custom workout geared towards my specific needs. Now that I’ve been doing Pilates I have virtually no lower back issues. I am so much stronger and motivated to lead a more active lifestyle. I have been seeking a personal trainer for quite some time, and I feel I have found the best! Sarah is caring and motivating. She has helped me tremendously!


I have a better awareness of my body since taking private lessons at Embody Movement. I can tell myself to engage the abs to do certain things and my breathing is more controlled. Sarah takes pride in each and every client.

I have taken mat classes from her and private lessons. They both are good but I really prefer the private lessons. It does show in my body that Pilates makes a difference in how I feel and how I look. At first it was hard work but when I see how I can do the exercises more confidently each week it is worth the effort I put into it.

Ellen L.

I was experiencing lower back pain and shoulder discomfort. I have found a way to ease my discomfort by strengthening my core.  I am feeling a lot stronger, more flexible, and better at reading my body.  With this new awareness, I am able to make adjustments to the way I am sitting, standing, anything that causes stress or pain in my body.

I like the one on one work. I also enjoy using the reformer, it is a great piece of equipment. Sarah is a great trainer, she really knows how to read my body and provide necessary exercises that will strengthen and improve my performance.  She makes the experience enjoyable and informative, always trying to add value.”

Gina A.

Before Pilates I had a lot of discomfort in different parts of the body especially in the knee and the lower back. After Pilates, I learned how to work with those areas where the discomfort and the pain is not there. It was amazing one day when I ran home and I actually was able to climb the stairs without difficulty or being uncomfortable, so it helped a lot.

Pain was more of a discomfort a high level of discomfort, it wasn’t really pain pain but it hindered me from doing things that I like to do and now I can actually do those things. Like walking, riding my bike, actually getting down on the floor and playing with my nephews, climbing the stairs to get home. I mean it sounds silly, but being able to climb a flight of stairs is wonderful. Without pain!

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