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pic of students doing a roll down in classAre you wondering if this class is for you?   Here are 9 reasons to try the Pilates Energy Barre Class.   You can purchase as a 6 week series (best rates!) or you can contact us to drop in!

    1. Get More Energy! (This is why we named it Pilates Energy Barre!) There are so many benefits to getting your workout in first thing in the morning but one of my favorites is more energy for the rest of your day! Just think how amazing you will feel by starting your day with a workout that leaves your body feeling alive and energized!

class at the barre2.  You do NOT need any ballet experience to take this class. We start the class at the Ballet Barre doing standing work, which will help improve your posture, strengthen your core, and improve your stamina. Molly will use the Ballet Barre as a prop to assist you in doing the standing work.

3.  Core strength without crunches! The elastic resistance bands of the Pilates Stick provide a supportive way to strengthen your core muscles more efficiently than crunches and sit-ups!

4.  Improve your Balance! We all need to keep working on our balance and this class specifically trains your muscles to find balance in a variety of positions and exercises.

5.  Get individualized tips that help you maximize results in your body. Class size is limited to 5 clients, which means the teacher is able to teach the exercises specifically for those participants.

6.  Level specific exercises – just for you! The small class size allows the teacher to give exercise variations suitable for true beginners and still challenge those more experienced participants so that everyone gets a safe, effective workout.

7.  Decrease stress in your life! Starting your day with a mindful movement practice has been shown to decrease overall stress!

8.  Mix it up! (You know that variety is the spice of life!) Many of our regular Pilates clients say they love this class because of the variety of Barre and Pilates exercises that are different from their other classes. Training your body in a variety of ways is one of the best ways to keep challenging your body and it keeps you excited about your movement practice!

9.  Make new friends and have fun while you exercise! 6AM classes are full of camaraderie!



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