With Christmas less than a week away, it’s time to get serious. As in: seriously, Christmas is less than a week away and that means less than a week to get the gift shopping in check and checked off the to-do list. If you’re reading this, you most likely have experienced the benefits of Pilates and may be considering the gift of this experience to one, or some, of the loved ones in your life. If you’re on the fence, here are 2 solid reasons to give the gift of Pilates.

  1. A Pure Reason.
    You have felt and understand the immeasurable benefits of Pilates and wish to share that with a loved one. Physically, you feel and look amazing; strength, flexibility of movement, muscle tone, lengthened appearance, improved posture, conditioned joints. Mentally, you feel peace of mind, clarity of thought, balance. Once you’ve experienced how these physical and mental benefits positively influence your every day life, there really is no turning back. The hurdle is getting to the studio that first time, and by gifting a session, group class or package, you are providing a cleared path for your love one to get there!
  2. A Selfish Reason.
    There’s no denying, working out a buddy add so much to the studio experience. To share the moments of strength… and those of agony… is so much fun, and makes that post-Pilates coffee date that much more enjoyable (go for the holiday-themed latte!). Have one friend in mind? Schedule a joint private Reformer session. Have a group of 3 or 4? Chat with me to form your very own custom group class. So guess this is still a pure reason to gift Pilates, with just a dash of gift for you, as well!
Now that you’ve decided on the gift of Pilates, get in touch with me to purchase a gift certificate! 😉 Call 630.481.6367 or email sarah@ Very much looking forward to seeing you and meeting your loved ones at the studio!

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