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New Client Deals

Get the most out of your Pilates practice! Choose to start with either the Intro Private or Intro Group option. Both are designed to

  • Step you through the Pilates method and how to create a solid foundation for progress
  • Introduce you to the Reformer & studio equipment (also referred to as studio apparatus)
  • Show you how to use the Pilates principles in daily life, so you can grow stronger every day!

*Introductory Packages are one-time only specials for our new clients.


Getting Started Private Intro Package ($169)

It’s the ideal situation to start with Private training so that you can gain the most out of your workouts. This is true whether you plan to continue with privates or move on to group reformer, chair or mixed equipment classes.

This package includes

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 3 One-on-one Pilates sessions tailored toward your goals, and provides you with the most in-depth experience with respect to understanding how to

  • efficiently strengthen from the inside out
  • improve posture through Foundations in a Pilates program
  • work with your current limitations while increasing flexibility
  • learn the mechanics of the reformer and other pieces of Pilates equipment

The Getting Started Private Intro Package is the most effective way to focus on your individual needs, injuries or specific concerns. The session is paced appropriately to customize to your level of fitness.

These one-on-one 55-min sessions are scheduled to meet your availability.

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Getting Started Group Intro Package ($169)

The second option to getting started with Pilates is through a series of Introductory Group Reformer classes. We periodically run the Getting Started Reformer classes as a progressive series. These classes meet at specific times. Please see the list below or view the schedule.

You will learn: 

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  • Foundation for Pilates practice
  • Beginning level exercises that will build your success for progress
  • Proper equipment mechanics necessary for safety and to keep a flow in the group classes.

All participants in these scheduled classes are new clients, so learning in this intro environment is fun as you begin your journey in a supportive community.

The Group Intro Package :

  • Getting Started Group Reformer classes at a beginner pace
  • 6 sessions offered in a weekly series (see schedule below)
  • Max of just 4 people, so the teacher gets to know you as individuals
  • Small class size allows for personal attention and touch cue corrections to ensure you’re getting the greatest benefit from the work you’re doing


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Getting Started Intro Group Series Schedule – Early Fall 2018

*The classes are progressive and meet in consecutive weeks. Groups must have at least 3 people registered to run. So share the inspiration and get a “buddy” to sign up with you for class!
If the start date has past – you may be able to join the group if it is early in progress: contact us for details.

  • Monday 12pm begins on Aug 20
  • Tuesday 7am begins on Aug 21st
  • Tuesday 6:30pm begins on Aug 21st



New Client

Three Easy Steps to Begin

#1 – Create Your Login and Request an Appt Time

Create your Personal id and password for our online scheduling system by filling out the form below.

Use the Comments field to tell us some days and times that work to book your first Getting Started Private Appointment. Or if you are doing the bundle which day/time on the Getting Started Group Reformer schedule.
After creating your profile, you can login to request future appointments, sign-up for classes, purchase packages and review your account history in the MindBody Online system.

#2 – Purchase Your Getting Started Package

Once you have created your login, and indicated in the Comments field the preferred days/time for your Getting Started Private Package or Getting Started Group Bundle, purchase online here:

#3 – Download Forms (PDF)

Share your goals, and the activities you wish to pursue with strength and confidence.  Download the intake form, fill out the Health History and waiver forms, and bring to your session.  We rely on clear communication with you from assessment through the continual development of your program.

If you have any trouble downloading, please arrive a little early and you can fill it out at the studio.

New Client Form

Setting Up Your First Visit: Booking the Appointment

We will contact you soon after you have submitted your profile (form above). Just remember to let us know via the “Comments” field, of your ideal days and times for booking.

When you are booked, you will receive a packet of information including directions. But before your visit, we do recommend taking a moment to watch our video that gives a little tour to orient you for the first time you’re coming to the studio.

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