Getting Started

3 Easy Steps to Begin





Your Initial Private Session is $39*

Whether you are already experienced in Pilates, or just starting to learn the method, all New Clients begin with the First Visit Consultation.

A savings of over $30 on your First Visit Appointment
*A one-time only introductory special for new clients.

During the First Visit Consult:

  • Meet one-on-one with the instructor – we want to get to know you personally!
  • Review your health background and current fitness activities.
  • Discuss your goals and where you’d like to make changes.
  • Go thru a dynamic assessment on posture, alignment, and movement, while …
  • Being introduced to (or reviewing) the Pilates principles, the studio equipment such as the reformer, tower, etc.
  • The consult is approximately 50 minutes.
  • *Required for new clients before joining a group class

*We are respectful of the community nature of our small group training sessions.

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